Keep SpaceBus running.
Deliver passengers safely.


  • DELIVER PASSENGERS to their destination
  • MAINTAIN the machines by holding SPACE so they don't break (don't let their Maintenance Meter fill up)
  • USE TOOLS to repair broken machines
  • QUICK FIX machines with duct tape if you're not carrying a tool
  • JETTISON PASSENGERS to reduce the load if engine power starts dropping too quickly


  • [WASD/Arrows]  Move / Climb
  • [SPACE]  Maintenance / Repair / Quick Fix / Interact / Pick Up or Swap Tool


  • If you're not holding the right tool, use your duct tape for a QUICK FIX
  • The SpaceBus Power gauge (on the Left) is based on the # of working machines (thrust) compared to the number of passengers (weight), so if your power bar starts dropping, you can jettison some passengers to lighten the load and slow the loss of power
  • Machines fail faster when other machines are failing


  • Machines are all interconnected and dependent on one another, so when one machine breaks, the others will require more maintenance.
  • There is a set number of pipes that break during each flight (which increases over time), but the interval between the breaks is randomized for each flight.


Incredulous Games : Ryan Printz & Josh Guerrero

  • IG: @IncredulousDevs
  • Twitter: @IncredulousDevs


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Pretty neat! It feels really cool, and very chaotic! The graphical themes are very lovely and the controls are really tight. Very cool!


Amazing work! Felt on my toes the entire time, completely out of control HAHAHA. Congratulations!


Pretty neat! :)

Thank you!