After a year apart, three friends reunite to spend a stormy Halloween night together in a haunted house. When they cross paths with a little ghost, they embark on an adventure that will test the strength of their friendship.

A short cozy Halloween game made as a submission for the Spooktober 5th Annual Visual Novel Jam, created during the month of September.

Features Header

  • ~4.5k words
  • 30 min playtime
  • Unlockable Achievements (Ran out of time, sorry!) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Content Warnings Header

  • Mild language
The Team Header

A game by Incredulous Interactive (@incredulousdevs)

Ryan Printz (@ryanmakesmovies):

Writer, Creative Director, UI Design

Josh Guerrero (@joshgrrro):

Developer, Composer


Jebedai Couture (@jebedai.couture):

Character Art, Environment Art

Daniel Rose (@danielwrose)

Additional Audio Mixing


Davon Oliver (@whereisdavon): Milo

Meagan Johnson (@_meaganjohnsonvo): Avery


Kaylee Printz

Dez Guerrero


LongTimeNoSee_1.1.0_win (itch).zip 123 MB
v1.1.0 Changelog.txt 1 kB
Long Time No See - Press 15 MB

Development log


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Such a good game! Loved the dialogues and the little interactions in between!
(Also, I have questions about the duck in the foyer!..ಠ_ಠ)"

masterpiece, just, wow, i almost cried

its not loadin for me...


Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can watch my full game playthrough here:

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, Incredulous Interactive! ^^ I just finished Steam version of Long Time No See and found an Update Roadmap here, on, with the details about the inclusion of French and Portugese translations in future. 

I want to translate LTNS to Ukrainian and Russian (for free, of course ^^) because I loved its dialogues and the gerenal atmosphere. It will take some time, but the total amount of text is not very large, so it's easy for a single person to complete this project in relatively short period of time (I worked on translations of a number of indie projects in the past, so I have a certain experience in this field).

If I remember correctly, the default fonts of modern Unity engine support slavic symbols, so there should be no severe technical problems with implementations of slavic languages (in case of trouble, I promise to test the finished UKR and RU-versions myself to make sure that all the lines of the dialogues are in their places).

Please, tell me if you like the idea in a comment to this message. If you will approve it, I will send my contact e-mail in response to the comment. Thank thank you for attention! ^^

Wow, yes that would be great! We’d love to have you help with localization. Thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for the quick reply, that's awesome! :D Please, contact me via

[thank you ^^] 

The main question at the beginning of translation of Unity project is technical: do you plan to translate the game to French and Portugese, changing the game's code manually, or do you plan to use Unity's localisation tools (like Locale Generator and String Table Collections; it seems like the same approach will be used in case with slavic localisations).

Depending on this, on the second phase of translation, either I will need to send the developers a table with translated dialogue lines of characters and signatures for buttons, or the developers will need to send me a Unity-generated table with the original dialogue lines and signatures so that I add the translated text there (and re-sent the completed file back). Please, describe this moment at the first e-mail to me ^^ (i.e. do you plan to make translations manually or using Unity localisation tools). 

In both cases, at the first phase of translation, I need to create the Ukrainian and Russian screenplay drafts first, playing the game many times to find all the (or, at least, as much as possible) dialogue lines to establish their context in-game (even with String Tables at hand, in case with story-driven games or movies it's dangerous to translate them blindly, without seeing what happens on the screen, because "blind" translation of a string table always causes a lot of contextual mistakes in the end; so, most of the time I will work on this drafts on the first phase of translation anyway, to use them on the second phase). 

Thank you again and have a great day! ^^

Sending you an email :)

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A cute, charming Halloween story with phantasmic fantastic voice acting!  Davon and Meagan both did a phenomenal job, so congrats on the Best Voice Acting win! 🎉

I really enjoyed the character dynamics, the humour was on point ("how's it hanging?" xD), the sprites are really expressive (king of the castle Milo and mischievous Avery >:D), the music was lovely and added to the game's atmosphere and ambience, the background art looks great — especially with all those fancy lightning flashes. ⚡

The point n' click sections made me feel like I was the one exploring this house, and also rewarded me with funny optional dialogue, so that was a nice gameplay addition.

Overall, a really fun and heartwarming experience.
Great job!


What a cute little game. :3


Omg! This game was so well put together, and the game concept was AMAZING! This game was exactly what I was looking for and I will definitely be playing again in the future. 


ahhhh love the spooks and the expressions on the chars when they’re scared! I figured out the afterlife game heh, poor milo feeling left out and lashing out 😆 the bickering felt very believable and entering the fort is so fun!

I hope you plan on continuing the story, when it finished I felt like it was just the first puzzle is solved of what should be a longer game 

The evolution of friendship was done so well, even though I’m not sure how old these kids are, sometimes they talk a bit like adults with the word choice hah. Love the jokes and snarks, and all the different responses to every item! Fully voiced too, IMPRESSIVE! 


This game is super cute, I loved it!


A very well put together relatable story with THE CUTEST lil ghost! Loved all of the art and animations. Kinda just want to give Milo a hug I think he needs it. 


What a lovely, beautiful adventure this one is!

I loved all the characters, and it really made me nostalgic over being like, 13, starting highschool, leaving your friends behind, and still trying to maintain the bond! And the dynamic of showing how everyone was too concentrated in their inner bubble, thinking that everyone else is scheming on them, and then having the chance to get them to rethink it all and properly express their feelings was very fulfilling!

The art is Gorgeous, with capital G. Same as the music, that constantly kept the right mood going. And the story is so nice and truthfull, with a big positive essence behind it, my sincere congratulations on that!

I LOVED ghostie. That lil ghost was just so charming lol

I couldn't help it but also remember scooby doo while playing. Solving the puzzle, helping a ghost, heck, I wouldn't mind to play a sequel with them solving more mysteries... with ghostie along lol

Also, so nice to see another Unity made game. Congratulations you all!!!


One of my favorite games from the jam so far! Gorgeous art, lovely story, flawless and incredibly polished voice acting. Both characters felt fully realized and nuanced despite the shorter runtime. A great game to play on a rainy Fall afternoon :’)

pretty good art


Although I end up not using the overlays, I still tried my best to not get my stupid VR self in the way of this beautiful art haha.

And I do agree on many comments below: the voice acting, story and character writing, sound effects and overall atmosphere are AMAZING!

I relate to Milo a lot more then I first thought I was, as I shared some thoughts on the topic at various points.

For some reason I thought this was just the demo of the full game that is yet to come out, and... it's not, please excuse my stupidity xD
BUT~ i would not say no to seeing more shenanigans of these 3 hooligans if you know what i mean hehe


Thanks for playing! That was really fun to watch :)

Long Time No See was always intended to be a short story, so we currently don’t have plans to expand it into a longer game - but maybe we’ll find an opportunity to bring Lucas, Milo, and Avery back for a future project 👀

I’m so happy you enjoyed it, and thank you for the lovely review!


Yeah, some stories are better kept short. I will still gladly watch over your team's future projects cause I really enjoyed this one :з

(2 edits) (+1)

Waaa I love everything about this, the storm effect, the voice acting, the visuals, the jokes, writing; the story is super charming too! Really enjoyed it. 

One technical-side thing I would add is that a menu or something is needed to manage the saves, volume, among others (Personally this wasn't an issue for me, cuz I finished it in a single sit, but I can see how this could come in handy to other people xD). Besides that minor thing, really great job here<3 (Milo is lit me)


Incredibly charming! The story hits a lovely sweet spot between the spooky kid adventure films of the 1980s, and the emotional intelligence of Pixar films. The character designs are appealing and expressive, the backgrounds creepy but still somehow cozy (?!), and it is overall a wonderful Halloween treat! ❤️


What a beautiful game! The art was phenomenally executed, the voice acting was on par with cartoon network tv show's like adventure time! It kept me engaged the whole time!

 The main puzzle kept me going and the story was fun and sweet! I really connected with the characters story so it was very enjoyable seeing it being told in such a realistic manner. 

Excellent job! 


What a fun and well done game! The story is well written and truly captures the feeling of summer coming to an end. I appreciate the realism in the story of how different people feel and react when friendships begin drifting apart.

The production value of this game is excellent - the music is superb, the art is beautiful (those backgrounds are *chefs kiss!)  and the voice acting really elevates it. I found Milo and Avery to be very fun, relatable characters - plus Avery has a super cute voice. Really enjoyed this game, and it's easy to see that the team had a fun time building it, nice work!


This was such a fun game to play! At face value it’s a cozy little Halloween game but also has a surprisingly deep message about the changing nature of friendship over time. The dialogue is funny, the art is adorable, and the storyline is really engaging. I’m so glad I played it!


(Copied from my Spooktober rating page review to help this game within's algorithm!)

A small and poignant tale about friendships and the struggles we face when we see them change. 

The writing is very strong: dialogue is humorous and natural, and the gorgeous character art and voice acting elevates it even further. I adore the backgrounds as well, they're incredibly drawn. 

I'd easily recommend this title to anyone who wants to get into visual novels, but doesn't know where to start! Good job, everyone!


Thank you for the thoughtful review! The goal was to make something short, entertaining, and accessible - so I’m happy to hear that it hit that benchmark! Thanks for playing! :)


A beautiful story about that weird transitional period in our friendships, that we all know to well! Told in such an effortless and nuanced way. I had a blast playing this!

Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it :) The real ghost was the friends we made along the way!


such a comfy game with gorgeous presentation!

Thank you! Lil ghost sends warm fuzzy vibes your way <3


I've been absolutely ITCHING to play this game ever since I saw the first clips of it, and it didn't disappoint! The human drama felt nuanced and real, there were some great jokes mixed in, and all of it got elevated by the excellent voice acting and score. And let's not forget the art!! God!! I want to eat those backgrounds.
All in all a super cohesive narrative and one of my favourite entries from this year's jam so far! <3


Thank you so much!! Ditto about the art, it turned out better than I ever could have hoped!